We believe…

Fish Symbol on Cross

Proud to be Christian…

  • We believe that out of love God shared our human life and death in Jesus Christ;
  • That Jesus was too strong for death and destruction and rose to live for ever;
  • Good news for all of us because it means that a powerful and loving God is in control of the world, its future and ours.


Proud to be URC…

  • We are heirs to a long tradition of dissenters who fought for individual conscience and social justice.
  • Committed to repairing division, the URC is a union of the former Presbyterian Church in this country, the majority of Congregational Churches and the Churches of Christ. Here at 125 Salusbury Road we are in partnership with the Church of England.
  • We are a ‘people’s church ’where every individual member and every local church has their own vocation and their own voice.


Our Mission Statement:

With all our imperfections,

to be open to all humanity

in our struggle for progress;

to offer warmth and welcome

and to nurture faith in our Lord Jesus Christ

as a United Reformed Church,

in partnership with St Anne’s CofE

at the London Inter Faith Centre

in West Kilburn