Church closure: 19th July

St Andrew’s was opened towards the end of the 1890s serving the burgeoning Queen’s Park area.  As with most Presbyterian Churches it had a significant Scots involvement, but later the ex-pat congregation was Ghanaian.  Movement away from the area and increasing age meant that numbers have dwindled to the extent that continued church life was not really viable.  The last twenty years saw a fine partnership with St Anne’s Anglican congregation and we’re grateful to them for their warm cooperation.

Between the two congregations the London Inter Faith Centre was formed some 20 years ago.  It brought together people of a number of different faiths enabling better mutual understanding.  Work among schools was of considerable value and parents have been known to indicate their previous experiences that have been repeated with their children.  Whilst there is great sadness that LIFC is closing one takes heart in terms of the number of people who have been influenced by its work and who have developed inter-faith work in new and exciting ways elsewhere. Soli Deo Gloria!

Revd Dr John Parry

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